Attention SF residents! If you are reading this, you are probably considering a substitute or a supplement for your existing fitness classes / workouts. Treadmills and stair masters, with power televisions, do not get the job done. Are you tired of inert personal trainers and group fitness instructor? Were other boot camp workouts too easy?  Deep down you know that you are still soft in the middle. No matter how many people lie to you, those pants do make you look fat.

-FUN Workouts!
-Tone Arms & Legs!

-Lose Belly Fat!
-Stay on track, with your San Francisco boot camp team!

02Athletics boot camp is best described as an intense cross-training fitness workout. Every session incorporates running, stair drills, sprint work, calisthenics, kickboxing, natural movement and body weight resistance routines.  Yes. The workouts are demanding, but the variety of programs will keep you engaged and focused on your goals.  With this in mind, we make the following guarantees.  You will be surrounded by individuals who take fitness seriously.  The 02Athletics environment caters to all fitness levels and all ages by simultaneously nurturing beginners and challenging athletes. 02Athletics encourages everyone to succeed. If you live in San Francisco, you owe it to yourself to invest in your health & energy with our awesome-fun-work-out!!

You Don't Need To Be In Shape To Get In Shape! START TODAY!!

Beginners, athletes, and baby-boomers alike are encouraged to give it a try. No matter who you are, you will be out of breath and you will be sore. But, you will have fun being pushed beyond your comfort zone.  We are an alliance committed to each others goals, whether you are just starting out, or have tried everything -

United We Sweat!


Different Everytime!
Kickboxing Classes
Boxing Classes
Sprints & Running
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Resistance & Cardio

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