As people age they have more injuries and soreness to contend with and are often frustrated by their level of fitness. Many of these issues can be reduced or eliminated by a consistent and committed workout routine. 02athletics has the only outdoor fitness program in the San Francisco Bay Area for men and women over 50. If you are a health-conscious baby boomer who needs a good outdoor workout, 02athletics is the fitness group for you.

You will not be separated based on age. With a few modifications, you will be integrated into the regular workout routine. You will be held to the same standards as everyone else. You will be expected to sweat hard and feel the exhaustion like everyone around you. You will experience reduction in injuries and the dramatic benefits in Overall Fitness, and Weight Management. You will discover that some of our older members run faster, do more push-ups, and do kickboxing better than many individuals in their 20s.

Meet some of our boomers!