Members must read the following rules regarding SAFETY AND ORDER and agree to abide by those rules in order to ensure a safe and organized workout session for themselves as well as other participants and track users.

  1. Wear an 02athletics T-shirt, jacket, patches or other clothing item containing an 02athletics logo, which identifies 02A membership.
  2. Wrap hands before arriving for any workout session.
  3. Use ONLY 02athletics brand 16oz. boxing gloves and hand wraps and bring these items to every session unless otherwise instructed.
  4. Use 02athletics brand thai pads and focus mitts and bring these items to every session unless otherwise instructed.
  5. Bring a jump rope to every session.
  6. Run only in lanes 4, 5, and 6 during workout sessions, unless otherwise instructed.
  7. Look for other track users and runners and yield to them before exiting the track.
  8. Exit the track on the south side of the soccer goal post.
  9. Non members and trial members agree to wear black workout gear.
  10. Notify the head instructor of your intent to bring guests at least one day in advance.
  11. Notify the head instructor of the need to cancel or suspend membership at least one month in advance.
  12. Pay attention to and follow instructions given by 02athletics instructors.
  13. Under no circumstances will an 02athletics member utilize or demonstrate kickboxing and boxing techniques on non members outside of workout sessions, unless it is appropriate for self-defense.
  14. Not bring children under age 13 to workout sessions unless cleared with the head instructor.
  15. 02athletics reserves the right to immediately revoke the membership rights and privileges of any participant who fails to follow the rules and guidelines outlined above.